Riding the EdTech wave

Start-ups are moving into educational technology. Some offer university courses while others advance company training by designing video games.

Sharing artfully

WeTransfer is a Dutch start-up expanding into the US and into mobiles, while remaining faithful to its user base: the creative scene. The new CEO explains his strategy.


Europe sees the light

To reach their full potential, the most innovative European start-ups often have no choice but to let American giants buy them. But this is changing.

Focus on Russia

Russia has produced an array of new tech companies since the late 2000s. But these start-ups remain virtually unknown outside the country’s borders.


All eyes on Eindhoven

Once dominated by light-bulb manufacturer Philips, the Dutch city is now home to a dynamic university and its circle of start-ups.

The Vizzualiser

Relying on attractive and informative data visualisations, Craig Mills is on a mission to use hard evidence to bring environmental issues to life.


The content hunter

Martin Stiksel, founder of Last.fm, is back with an even more ambitious project: to organise the entire web according to each user’s behaviour.

Attack of the clones

Annoying to some but completely normal to others, copying has become an established business model in the world of start-ups and smartphone apps.

The audiophile

Four Danes have created award-winning upmarket headphones. One of them describes the challenges of fusing design and audio engineering.