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Festival hacks, designed by engineering students.


Gathering next to 130.000 music lovers, Roskilde festival becomes every year Denmark’s 3rd biggest city.  Built from scratch in no time, the festival’s infrastructure represents a civil engineering masterwork.  To answer the challenges of an ever-growing population and needs, Roskilde festival started up a partnership with DTU – Technical University of Denmark, to make the festival greener, cleaner and funnier.

For the 8th time, 100 engineering students joined the festival with creative solutions to festival-goers’ basic issues, like energy or food waste, light, hygiene, alcohol. Some of the previous years’ project have turned into successful start-ups, like Volt or DropBucket.

Here is some of the 20 projects spread around the festival area:

Light up your festival! 

Photo: Mikal Schlosser

Glød is an interactive DIY camp lamps. At Roskilde Festival, lighting sources are few, and it can be hard to find your things or to keep the party going when it gets dark. Glød is a transportable LED lamp driven by a powerbank. The lamp has two settings: regular soft lighting or a party mode: changing colour with the beat.

Living Light experiments with bioluminescence of self-sufficient algae. A CO2 neutral way to light up the festival with eco-friendly glowsticks.

Focus on hygiene

Photo: JB

Fifty shades of yellow : dehydration is a common problem at any festival. The project aims to create awareness and nudge the festival guests to drink more water. The urine is measured by sensors that compare it to a predefined colour scale. A digital display tells the user how much water to drink to keep up partying in a safe way.

Soap fun: make your own soap from scratch.

Manage your alcohol level

Drinking Brain enables all participants to check their cognitive abilities through four games, available on mobiles and tablets.

Banning waste  

Photo: Andreas Johansen

Save water by measurement: Aqubiq developed a system to follow up with your water consumption.

Fridge control: to regulate the temperature of the fridges in order to minimize the use of electricity.

► Cleaning up using the gamification of waste collection thanks to a robots controlled by a joystick. The little rubbish collector runs at a constant speed and can only be moved left or right.


Let the sun cool the beers


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