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Plastic head printed on 3D printed

Germany, 2014
► ultra-resistant nozzles
DDDmaterial recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to develop its tungsten nozzle. The part prints faster, is more precise and reliable, and can withstand higher temperatures.

3D Kreator

Poland, 2014

 easy and affordable ◄

3D Kreator recently launched the second generation of its 3D printer, with which it is preparing to go global. The printer is easy to use and, at €1,675, relatively inexpensive.


Netherlands, 2016
► automated bricklayer
A brand new start-up, Pixelstone lays ceramic “pixels” – small cubic bricks – to print both simple and intricate façades. Its current prototype prints at a speed of 0.5 m² per hour, but its final version could print a 5-m² wall in an hour.

Ireland, 2015
for living material ◄
Ourobotics has developed a 3D printer that can print human tissue. The €12,500 bioprinting machine won first prize in the Silicon Valley Open Doors competition organised by Google in Dublin.

Denmark, 2008
► Affordable 3D printing
Founded as part of a project launched at the Technical University of Denmark, Blueprinter has designed a unique printer to create professional 3D prototypes. The start-up uses inexpensive thermal print heads instead of lasers, drastically bringing down the cost of its printers. Prices start at €25,450.

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