Two European innovators reveal their interests #8

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Klara Frosterund, Architect, White Arkitekter, Stockholm

►About her work:

“The sustainable project for the new city hall and train station in Växjö, Sweden, makes use of wood and an innovative envelope design, which ensures lower energy consumption and minimises the material needed and waste, allowing faster construction.”

►Her recommendation:

“I take inspiration not only from each project’s location and people, but also from travel, where I seek encounters with nature, other cultures and history.”

Laurent de Wurstemberger, Architect, Terrabloc, Geneva

► About his work:

“Terrabloc transforms excavation waste into compressed soil blocks, a more eco-friendly alternative to conventional materials. As part of this collaboration with the engineer Rodrigo Fernandez, I want to bring back into fashion a construction material that the West has forgotten.”

►His recommendation:

“Putting our hands in the earth tells us more about where we come from. For me it’s about going back to our roots, back to common sense.”


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