Two European innovators reveal their interests #7

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Francisco Franchi / Tom Frantzen

Francesco Franchi, Journalist and designer, Rome and Milan

► About his work:

“I work in the newsroom of Italian newspaper la Repubblica. Now is the most interesting and ambitious time for a designer to work in this sector. Newspapers must be rethought and redesigned, keeping in mind that paper is becoming a luxury.”

►His recommendation:

“To innovate, one needs the curiosity to refer to and reinterpret classics from the past, such as the rare books collected on”

Tom Frantzen, Architect and real estate developer, Amsterdam

►About his work:

“To achieve sustainability when designing 30 m-tall wooden building Patch22 in Amsterdam, we created flexible structures so that the layout of the residential and commercial spaces could be adapted easily to the needs of future generations.”

►His recommendation:

“Architects often think they need clients and commissions to express themselves. John Portman’s The Architect as Developer made me realise that I could combine architectural design and real estate development myself.”


European funds

Europe-wide initiatives are looking to provide tech start-ups with the financial support they desperately need.

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