Two European innovators reveal their interests #7

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Francisco Franchi / Tom Frantzen

Francesco Franchi, Journalist and designer, Rome and Milan

► About his work:

“I work in the newsroom of Italian newspaper la Repubblica. Now is the most interesting and ambitious time for a designer to work in this sector. Newspapers must be rethought and redesigned, keeping in mind that paper is becoming a luxury.”

►His recommendation:

“To innovate, one needs the curiosity to refer to and reinterpret classics from the past, such as the rare books collected on”

Tom Frantzen, Architect and real estate developer, Amsterdam

►About his work:

“To achieve sustainability when designing 30 m-tall wooden building Patch22 in Amsterdam, we created flexible structures so that the layout of the residential and commercial spaces could be adapted easily to the needs of future generations.”

►His recommendation:

“Architects often think they need clients and commissions to express themselves. John Portman’s The Architect as Developer made me realise that I could combine architectural design and real estate development myself.”


French International School, by Henning Larsen Architects

In future, scientific acoustics calculations will be included in the first rough sketches from the architects at Henning Larsen Architects.…
Businessman with a Dog Head

Apps and treats for man's best friends!
Stéphane Treppoz Sarenza

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