Two European innovators reveal their interests #6

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Adriaan Geuze and Benjamin Hubert

Adriaan Geuze,  Landscape architect, West 8, Rotterdam

► About his work:

“When designing the Hills parkland, we transformed New York’s Governors Island to enhance its resilience in the face of rising sea levels and storms by creating elevations of up to 21 meters and planting more than 2,000 trees.”

► His recommendation:

“Architects need great art in order to understand the world. The timeless paintings of Paulus Potter or Johannes Vermeer give us the framework to perceive reality.”

Benjamin Hubert, Design entrepreneur, Layer Design, London 

► About his work:

“The first six months of designing GO, a made-to-measure 3D-printed wheelchair, were spent interviewing users to identify their needs. Engineers were involved early on, which I encourage to bring together aesthetics and practical aspects.”

► His recommendation:

“The television series Black Mirror, which presents alternate versions of reality, is an astute commentary for the future of technology.”


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