Two European innovators reveal their interests #5

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Key Kawamura, Designer 

► About his work:

“Creativity is no magic. It takes a collaborative culture and lots of passion and hard work. This is how we at Studio Banana developed the power nap–boosting Ostrich Pillow and the Batband, a bone-conducting headphone.”

► His recommendation:

“Designers like to explore the edgeof what is possible and inevitably encounter failures. My advice is to follow Samuel Beckett’smantra to ‘fail, fail again, fail better’.”

Nicolas Le Moigne, Design consultant 

► About his work:

The Chronogram project allows a virtual-reality trip through the archives of watch manufacturer Vacheron Constantin. The devices developed with the EPFL+ECAL Lab struck the perfect balance between high-tech and refined craft.”

► His recommendation:

“The industrial design blog Core77 perfectly illustrates the close link between design and technology. But as I often remind my students, spending hours on the web isn’t the best way to get inspired.”



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