Two European innovators reveal their interests #4

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European Innovators

Johannes Becker, Designer at Kilo, Copenhagen

► About his work

“Technology shouldn’t be an end in itself: a designer’s job is to make it approachable. To create NEO, a frictionless bike light powered by magnetic energy, a number of technical constraints were mastered in a simple and iconic object.”

► His recommendations:

“Curiosity and reflexion lead to truly innovative and relevant products. The magazine Works That Work and the podcast 99 per cent Invisible represent these two counterparts in an inspiring way.”

Claudio Colucci, Designer, Geneva

► About his work:

“L’Arbre à Vent, a tree with miniature wind turbines as leaves, was inspired by science and nature. I drew it with elegant and balanced lines so that it would smoothly blend with our surroundings.”

► His recommendation:

La Grande Bellezza, a film by Paolo Sorrentino in which the protagonist seems to roam in a hidden dimension on the fringes of the real world. It takes a child-like sense of wonder to perceive the beautiful things hidden in plain sight.”


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