Two European innovators reveal their interests #2

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Oriol Romero-Isart, Theoretical physicist, University of Innsbruck

►The Game of Go

“Although I’m a mere amateur, this ancestral game has always inspired me. It requires multiple simultaneous skills: technique, global strategy, intuition, patience, persistence and coping with frustration. So much like research.”

►Thinking, Fast and Slow

In his bestseller, Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman formulates success in these equations: success = talent + luck; great success = a little more talent + a lot of luck



Sebastian Bergne, Designer, London

►Minute Physics

My son, who is applying to study physics at university, introduced me to this YouTube channel in which every question anyone has ever had about physics is explained in a brief, clear video clip for non-physicists like myself.

►The Book of Symbols

People have lost the ability to read symbolism in art and design. I can’t stop dipping back into this book with its fascinating, endless explanations that are like decoding a language.




To reach their full potential, the most innovative European start-ups often have no choice but to let American giants buy…
Herman Wijshoff

“Interaction between science and industry.”
Birgit Vogel Tum

"Many people think Industry 4.0 is something you can buy off the shelf"