Two European innovators reveal their interests #9

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Claude Grison, chemist and winner of numerous awards for her work on ecocatalysis, Montpellier.

► About her work:

“Some plants are able to absorb the heavy metals found in soil and water. We use these plants as catalysts. Our partners in Belgium, Poland and Spain are interested in this new field of green chemistry.”

► Her recommendation:

“Innovation allows us to change paradigms. With a bit of ingenuity, thought and inspiration from nature, something we’ve long seen as waste can now become something of value.”

Richard Browning, Nicknamed “Iron Man”, this engineer founded Gravity, a start-up in London.

► About his work:

“We are re-imagining the future of human flight with technology that combines body-mounted miniaturised jet-engines with a specially designed exo-skeletal suit, allowing the pilot to take off vertically and fly, using the human body as its thrust control.”

► His recommendation:

“As Sir Isaac Newton said, ’You have to make the rules, not follow them’. Life is about continuing to innovate and make efforts. The potential that I see in human propulsion systems is phenomenally exciting.”



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