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Start 2016 on a technological note!


Revolutionary hybrid

Is it a bike? A car? Maybe a bit of both. If you can’t wait to test the 3-wheel electric i-Road, go to Grenoble (if you can,  as it’s in France) and rent one.

Toyota Available in 2016

MIITO whiteDiving boiler

The kettle, turned inside out. Using an induction system, the appliance boils the water in any vessel efficiently.

Miito $189





Autonomous cameraLily

Lily isn’t your regular drone camera: it has no controls, and no flying skills are required. You just throw it in the air to record a video of yourself in action.

Lily Robotics $819

lucidingDream catcher

Have you ever wanted to control your dreams or manipulate your imagination? The scientific evidence behind the LucidCatcher mask is thin, but it is supposed to stimulate your brain to help you experience lively dreams.

Luciding €190

Time problemAlbert_Clock-MNTNT-4

You won’t know the time unless you can do the math: the Albert clock trains your calculus skills. And if you don’t have the budget, you can turn your smartphone into an Albert for €1.

MNTNT €160


Seek-Compact-Lost-PetHot vision

Want to give your smartphone night vision? The first thermal camera that can be plugged into your mobile reads infrared radiation emitted from different objects, with a detection range from -40 °C to 330 °C.

Seek Thermal €350


Founding Team and Eagle

Whether it wants to or not, Germany’s auto industry is embracing the hottest technologies. In the Bavarian capital, start-ups and…