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Ice Xelectronics

Celestial sounds

It may look like a white death star, but this portable, floating Bluetooth speaker is one of a kind. With 360° surround sound, the gravity-defying orb and
its electromagnetic base are making noise on the market.

Ice Orb by ICE X Electronics

Studio-Banana-Things_Batband_10Music in your bones

Wearing headphones on
the street can be dangerous. Luckily, this handy bone conduction device by a European design company enables you to hear background noise while listening to your favourite tunes.

Batband by Studio Banana Things
€179, Available in July 2016

Sounds in your futureCrystal ball
Designed by a French tech company, this intuitive controller can connect to MIDI synthesizers and computer-
aided creation software. Its optical sensors provide simultaneous control of effects, notes and samples at the wave of a hand.

Crystall Ball By Naonext

00 Kickstarter ImageMulti-instrument

Financed on Kickstarter, this all-in-one digital instrument adapts to your inspiration. You can tap it like keys, make beats and triggering loops on it like drum pads, strum
it like a guitar or bow it like a violin.

Artiphon By Artiphon

Vertical vinylmaple_MDF_34
If you’re a vinyl enthusiast, this vertical turntable is for you. Its unique, retro design is just the thing to get you in the groove.

Floating record by Gramovox

186974-White gloss edgesSmart device

Created in France, this pyramid-shaped music player analyses the current mood and the people in
a room to play the perfect track for everyone. What’s more, this smart device learns. If you want it to remember what you like and what
you don’t, simply touch the heart
or the cross symbol to better define
your taste.

Prizm by Prizm
€149, First line available mid 2016


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