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360° Images

Equipped with eight sensors, this camera captures 360° video, and can be used for virtual reality applications. The Finnish company Nokia has gotten Disney’s attention with this new toy, which the media company plans to use for future productions.

OZO by Nokia


17665392168_2fe189395b_oLow-tech photos

Running counter to the race for innovation, this Slovenian-designed wooden pinhole camera is meant to be passed from generation to generation.

135 Pocket by Ondu



smartphone_projector_lukpro-5-cmykSmartphone projector

This simple technology with a vintage style allows you to see the contents of a smartphone on a larger scale. Designed by an English company, it offers a visual projection eight times larger than a phone screen.

Smartphone Projector by Luckies of London


cameraUniversal camera

This Kickstarter-funded project wants to do something unique: offer an SLR camera that’s compatible with all existing lenses and formats, from film to digital.

Mercury camera by Mercury Work

From €105, available for pre-order


flyingSelfie drone

This drone with an unusual design specialises in self-portraits. Equipped with facial recognition software, it keeps sight of and tracks its owner.

ROAM-e by IoT Group


cover3D Scanner

With the help of a smartphone, this small cylindrical device scans objects or surfaces in three dimensions with great precision. Its main applications are modelling and 3D printing.

Eora 3D by eora 3D

€372, available for pre-order


Founding Team and Eagle

Whether it wants to or not, Germany’s auto industry is embracing the hottest technologies. In the Bavarian capital, start-ups and…