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Radiation-eating bacteria could make underground storage of nuclear waste safer.

Solving the world’s plastic problem with waxworms. 

How do waste products obtain value as part of new building materials? That is the fundamental question Lisbeth M. Ottosen…

Measuring microplastics in the sea.
world of waste

If no drastic measures are taken to reduce the trash we generate, population growth will outpace our capacity to treat…

What if your computer could heat your house?
Lego toilets India

Two EPFL students have developed a model to teach women how to build toilets in India.
Carbon footprint

Should you drive an electric car? Eat an apple that travelled halfway around the world? The answer will depend on…
Lise Fuglsang

Can you clean up litter and house people with one idea? YES, says an innovative Danish student.
Seaweed Ghana

When seaweed mountains become a gold mine, Ghanese fishermen turn into seaweed farmers.