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The European Commission assigned a group of experts led by former WTO director-general Pascal Lamy to evaluate the impact of…
Alberto Onetti

After testing its business model, a start-up has to begin producing regular income. This is a tricky step, and few…
Alex Dings

Dutch start-up Bitsensor tries to help applications protect themselves better from cyberattacks.
Alon Arvatz.

With its 2,000 new high-tech companies, Israel has become the Silicon Valley of the Middle East. Our reporter in Tel…
Businessman with a Dog Head

Apps and treats for man's best friends!
Marcus Ruessel_CEO gigmit

Berlin-based start-up Gigmit connects musicians and concert organisers through an online platform, hoping to revolutionise the market.

An Austrian start-up helps machines understand human language.  

In future, you may be able to leave your laptop and fluids in your carry-on luggage when passing through airport…

Technology Will Save Us teaches programming using toys in a whole new way.