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Emojis and emotions

With 64 emojis and DKK 1.2 billion tweets, an algorithm has learned to recognize sarcasm in text messages. The method…
Robert West, researcher at EPFLRobert West, researcher at EPFL

A Swiss researcher has created a system that scans Wikipedia for important articles that are missing in other languages. This project…

Researchers look for solutions to address the distortion of online information. 
Hanne Jarmer

A 100-metre freefall, a trip into space, or a job as head of a department that is on the point…
Digital world

The network’s founders stressed its openness and decentralisation, but many of its services are now in the hands of a…
David Helgason Founder EVP

Denmark’s Unity Technologies has revolutionised the video-game industry. Its founder, David Helgason, describes how it happened.

Technology Will Save Us teaches programming using toys in a whole new way.

Science for all!
Virus spread

How fast does a virus spread within the population? And what is it that makes a video go viral on…