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Light-based technologies

TU/e, Bart van Overbeeke

To produce medicine sustainably and cheaply, anywhere you want.

UV light to improve human health?

A brilliant partnership.

Light-speed travelling.

Blue light to replace caffeine.
Rayform EPFL

Technologically advanced jack-o'-lantern.
Mikal Schlosser

Is it possible to combine the construction benefits of concrete with the desire to get more daylight into buildings? The…

World’s first mini particle accelerator for high-brilliance X-rays at TUM. 
Spider silk EPFL

Fiber optics specialists have discovered some unique qualities of spider silk when it comes to conducting light and reacting to…
Diagram depicting a setup for storing solar energy in a tank of molten salts.

Solar energy won’t fulfil its potential until the storage problem is solved. Here’s how.