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Founding Team and Eagle

Whether it wants to or not, Germany’s auto industry is embracing the hottest technologies. In the Bavarian capital, start-ups and…

Taking pictures of thousands of snowflakes from three different angles to improve the accuracy of snowfall measurements and winter weather…

As holey as Swiss cheese, the Alps contain hundreds of kilometres of tunnels – and Alpine nations keeps digging deeper. 
Airbus Toulouse

Europe’s aerospace hub is a thriving, synergistic blend of industry giants, start-ups and research centres. It is gaining even more…

Serious cooperation across the continent will be essential to keep air travel safe, efficient and sustainable.

Algorithms, concerts, noise: Understanding the new dimensions of sound.
aCar TUM

The „aCar“ will bring mobility for rural areas in sub-Saharan Africa.
El bike ease

A pedelec drive system - To go!
Driverless car

Will we need a new driving license?