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Electronics and electrical engineering

Inspired by the wing of a butterfly, Danish scientists are developing a technology to mass-produce structural colours. 
French International School, by Henning Larsen Architects

In future, scientific acoustics calculations will be included in the first rough sketches from the architects at Henning Larsen Architects.…
Primate paralysis

A wireless brain-spine interface allows monkeys to walk again. 
Black holes on a chip

Theoretical black holes.
nicolasi_ Dhal_amplifier_DTU

When Google doesn't give you an answer: build your own!

Researchers implanted a wireless device into a paralyzed monkey's brain to restore movement and help them walk again.

Physics student Darius Merk has used an insect-inspired algorithm to develop a drone that can navigate around obstacles. His research…

Why real-time aircraft tracking doesn't pay.

The testing of new technology will enable a fleet of electric cars to supply power to the grid.