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Artificial brain

A new organic artificial synapse devised at Stanford university could support computers that better recreate the processing that occurs in…

Bacteria harness the lotus effect to protect themselves.
3D Human Embryo atlas

A new 3D atlas explores the mysteries of early embryonic development.
Robotics EPFL

Take your robots out of the lab!
Bionic finger

An amputee feels rough or smooth textures in real-time — in his phantom hand — using an artificial fingertip connected…
EPFL Microfluidic device

A portable and low-cost diagnostic device has been developed at EPFL. This microfluidic tool, which has been tested with Ebola,…
green gecko lizard

Internally coupled ears enable directional hearing in animals. 
Lab Tu-e

The workings of our brain are still a mystery, to a great extent. Three-dimensional pieces of brain tissue on a…