Start-ups getting into the virtual-reality game

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Virtual Reality Glasses


Sweden, 2015

Seeing your hands ManoMotion develops a system that lets users see their hands while wearing a virtual-reality headset, a crucial aspect in recreating the experience of being in the real world. The start-up has secured €1.5 million to expand its sales team. @ManoMotion

Resolution Games

Sweden, 2015

Video games Resolution Games is a virtual-reality game studio created by Tommy Palm, the brains behind the most popular mobile game ever, Candy Crush. The start-up launched the virtual fishing game Bait! in March 2016. @resolutiongame

Mure VR

Iceland, 2014

The beach at the office Mure VR created the application Breakroom, which virtually takes users to the beach or the forest as they look at their computer screen. The start-up aims to relax workers and help them focus in their sometimes noisy open-space environment. @vrBreakroom


Germany, 2015

Virtual sharing The team at Splash have created a social network that makes it easy to share 360° photos and videos, or virtual-reality images. Their application can also be used to create virtual-reality content using a smartphone. @splashvr

Virtual Walkthrough

UK, 2009

Visiting properties Virtual Walkthrough designs 360° tours to visit pro­perties. The start-up was recently bought by US-based Matterport, which specialises in 3D imaging technology for homes and public spaces. @VWalkthrough


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