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Dutch Design Week 2017, Eindhoven. It's 10:45 am and the crowd is steadily growing, waiting for the exhibition's doors to open, eager to get a glimpse of tomorrow's best of design, research and technology. Here are a few discoveries and talented designers, spotted along the way.

Babs Haenen Dutch Design Week 2017

Christine Lew’s sensuous spacesuits

From fashion to material innovation, London-based Christine Lew asks one question: “Why can’t living in space be purposeful and fulfilling but also enjoyable, pleasurable, and sensuous?”

According to her, the scientific study of humanness and achieving human comfort in space has been overlooked. With her spacesuit, she addresses this problem, in order for humans to live well in long-term space colonization and deep space exploration…and it’s just around the corner, right?

Florian Wegenast’s open garden

Open Garden was initially launched as a service to act as basic platform to enable urban gardeners to cultivate gardens in their homes and on public land. Specifically focused on micro-living and flat pack furniture, this series can be customised with a durable and water-resistant terrazzo material.

Lena Saleh, sensory experiences initiator

Take a break with Lena Saleh, who has created a system of products that encourage mindful breathing rituals, based on the pranayama technique that she hopes will become a viable alternative to staring at our phones and laptops before going to sleep.  Both functional and sculptural, her creations encourage you to wind down through simple and short sensory experiences that fit into our night time routine.

Studio Woojai and its alchemist’s furniture

 The Alchemist’s Furniture is a series that explores the transformation of one material to another. Old newspapers get turned into branch-like structures with the aesthetics of a marbled stone, while having the tactility of both rough stone and soft paper.

R-Leaf trains your pelvic floor

Is it a brush, or some kind of fancy reusable ice cream stick? Much better: R-Leaf is a smart device that helps women carry out exercises for pelvic floor disorders (PFD). Its design detects the pressure applied by the pelvic floor muscles through an intravaginal physical device with pressure sensors that communicate via Bluetooth to an app.

► Designers: Dr. Edgar Rodríguez Ramirez, Kah Chan, Mailin Lemke, Gillian, McCarthy, Katie O’Brien, Holly Luxton-Russell, Andrew Hillstead.

Philémonne Jaasma’s exchange board game

Philémonne is a 22-year-old Master Graduate of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology. She’s standing behind an eye-catching round table, and explains her project with passion:

Changing perspectives is an interactive system that allows large constellations of stakeholders to exchange their viewpoints around tracking tables on which they form a collective landscape by (re)positioning tokens with symbols. The realtime visualisation of the tracked tokens’ positions feeds the exchange of views, values and motivations between tablegroups and broadens the insight into the public good.

The Girl and the Machine

This project contributes to a worldwide turnaround in the fashion supply chain by making knitwear on demand. 200 customers have already been measured, or measured themselves, and they adjusted the templates to their taste.



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Festival hacks, designed by engineering students.
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