Tech gifts for savvy dog owners

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Apps and treats for man's best friends!

Businessman with a Dog Head


France, 2012

► Airbnb for canines

This application finds a place for your dog when you’re on holiday. It connects owners with individuals and kennels that will house your best friend for a fee. The app can also find sitters who will walk or care for your pet at home. @HOLIDOG_COM


UK, 2012

 Rent-a-companion ◄

This app makes it possible for dog lovers who can’t have one to borrow a furry friend for a few hours or a day. The owner benefits because the pet is walked and cared for – free of charge. @BorrowMyDoggy

OneMind Dogs

Finland, 2012

► Training coach

OneMind Dogs helps owners understand their dog’s behaviour. With a subscription, owners can access tutorials, exercises and advice to best train their pet. @OneMindDogs


Austria, 2012

 Track your pet ◄

Tractive has developed a collar equipped with a GPS that users can track online. Owners can keep an eye on their pet’s peregrinations and be notified if they leave a certain perimeter. Tractive also has a community space on which owners can share photos and updates of their furry friends. @Tractive


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