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Technologist issue 15

Issue 15, January 2018 – news, follow-ups, feature articles, plus extra infographics and bits of science, business and politics from Europe and beyond



  • Editorial /Explaining the future
  • Sharing artfully
  • An enigmatic cosmic flash
  • Bioprint queue: cartilage, skin, heart
  • China: Europe stays in the game
  • Origamist: Fold your black-necked spitting cobra
  • Two European innovators share their interests #10
  • Making the blue greener
  • Infographic: Earthquakes in Europe
  • Zoom on Munich: the new hub for digital cars
  • Sustainable architecture
    • Concrete: the new generation
    • Energy: chasing waste
    • Automation: a glimpse of future building sites
  • Photonics
    • Interview: All you need to know about photonics
    • More responsive touchscreens
    • Facing the data storm
  • Technology: Finally intelligent dolls
  • Buying work of art online
  • Poeple just forget to take their medicine
  • From telephone to cardiac diseases
  • Fun and games in Finland
  • Photography for everyone On our list: Light objects
  • Last word: Safe-making technologies

… plus lots of interesting pictures, infographics and bits of science, business and politics from Europe and beyond, and much more in the paper magazine!