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Technologist issue 13

Issue 13, July 2017 – news, follow-ups, feature articles, plus extra infographics and bits of science, business and politics from Europe and beyond

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  • Editorial / When robots steal our jobs
  • Tackling the gender gap
  • Eco-friendly worms
  • Printing colours without ink
  • Must English dominate science?
  • The photovoltaics duel
  • Nuclear tombs for the ages
  • Two European innovators reveal their interests #8
  • Origamist:Fold your own smartphone holder
  • Energy efficiency: greening the bottom line
  • Infographic: Europe’s saturated skies
  • Spotlight on Toulouse
  • Fresh from the lab
  • Robots vs Jobs
    • Invasion of the job snatchers
    • Cobots in hand with humans
    • Europe and its competitors
    • Learning to communicate with machines
  • Engineering healthcare
    • Lessons for fruitful cooperation
    • Six projects to improve medicine
    • Health Valley: Switzerland’s success story
    • Mimicking organs
    • Big Data’s potential
  • Scaling-up: Harder than starting-up
  • Bitsensor: Detecting hacking in real time
  • Secrets: Christian Henschel’s success
  • Entrepreneurship: Lessons from Israel
  • On our list: Outdoor stuff
  • Last word: Daring European innovators to be bold

… plus lots of interesting pictures, infographics and bits of science, business and politics from Europe and beyond, and much more in the paper magazine!