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Technologist issue 12

Issue 12, April 2017 – news, follow-ups, feature articles, plus extra infographics and bits of science, business and politics from Europe and beyond

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  • Editorial /Europe sees the light
  • Opening up the echo chambers: two italian researchers fighting fake news
  • Inside the wombs
  • Wood’s hidden talents
  • Flying the ‘big science’ flag
  • The missing limb in primate paralysis
  • Two European innovators reveal their interests #7
  • Origamist: nano racing cars
  • A new genetic revolution
  • Infographic: the power of dams
  • Focus on Czech Republic: Galileo puts Prague on the cosmic map
  • Fresh from the lab
  • Brain drain: How to hold on to the best innovators
    • Where are all the start-ups gone?
    • Successful and resolutely European
    • Keep innovators at home
    • The competition is everywhere
    • Europeans who’ve returned
  • Sound: The science of listening
    • New potentials of sound
    • The architecture of sound
    • Avoiding the sound of silence
    • Sound from all directions
    • How noise kills
  • Gigmit: “we work with the biggest pool of artists in Europe”
  • Thousands of listings at your fingertips
  • Cortical.io: searching for meaning, not just words
  • From toys and cable to shoes
  • NAO, the electronic biped
  • Savvy dogs
  • On our list: Smart gardening
  • Last word: Addressing the struggle for funds

… plus lots of interesting pictures, infographics and bits of science, business and politics from Europe and beyond, and much more in the paper magazine!