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Thanks to its Tetris-like blocks, this modern cat tree can be arranged according to any interior design. Its layers of corrugated cardboard make it a sturdy, yet suitable scratching post.

Katris by Papercut Lab


There is more to this collar than meets the eye: made in Greece, it is the thinnest GPS pet tracker. It emits ultrasounds to stop a dog from barking and displays the pet’s mood thanks to complex algorithms.

Pet tracker by Kyon
€223, available for pre-order


Satisfying your dog’s hunger has never been so much like watching TV. You can now have a machine dispense chow remotely, according to a schedule set on your smartphone. The gadget is reliable for up to seven hours without power.

Smartfeeder by Petnet

Flower-FountainA SIP OF FLOWER

A cat is not a bee, but it should nevertheless be attracted to this flower that delivers fresh and filtered drinking water through three different settings: a gentle water flow, a bubbling top or calm streams.

Drinking Fountain with filter by Catit


Developed by Slovenian engineers, this hands-free leash is equipped with a flexible neoprene wristband, allowing dog lovers to run freely alongside their pet.

Hands-free retractable dog leash by Lishinu

catscractchCAT AND MOUSE

Designed in the UK, this “laptop” is one of a kind. Its scratchy cardboard keyboard, its “slide in” customisable desktop wallpaper and its fluffy toy mouse should keep any cat entertained.

Cat scratch laptop by Suck

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