Origamist #12: Fold your own nano racing car!

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The tiniest auto race in the world.

Origami racing car

You’ll need more than binoculars to see the race planned this spring at CEMES, a French research lab in Toulouse. The racetrack will be the size of a nanometre, which is one billionth of a metre. Teams from France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Japan and the US will race “vehicles” – or “molecular machines” – made up of a maximum of 100 atoms and propelled by a weak electric current. The racetrack is a plain gold surface only a few millimetres in diameter, and it is built inside a one-of-a-kind tunnel microscope. Technologist invites you to fold your own version. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…go!

By Erik Freudenreich  

► Download your origamist in PDF: T12_Origami (2,76 MB)


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