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Augmented reality goggles

To augment your experience on the slopes, these Israeli-made goggles integrate information on performance, maps and even games, including a virtual slalom feature, into the wearer’s field of vision.

RideOn Ski Goggles by RideOn €1,100, available for pre-order

Custom-made skis

These “ünique” Austrian-made skis combine innovation, durability and old-school chic. They are specially designed to tackle both powder and hard-packed snow.

Ünique by Ünique €890 – €2,000 (series or custom-made)

Smart bindings

The sensors embedded in these bindings provide snowboarders with detailed performance analytics that they can use to visualise their ride via smartphone. Built-in LEDs show how the wearer’s weight is distributed across the board.

Xon Snow-1 by Cerevo €544

Hands-free helmet

Produced by a French winter sports gear and accessory manufacturer, this helmet connects to smartphones via Bluetooth. Now you can make calls or choose your tunes without taking off your mittens.

Cairn Atlas by Cairn €140

Slope-side selfies

Why weigh yourself down with a selfie stick when you’ve already got a ski pole in your hand? Four Dutch designers came up with this little easy-to-use smartphone mount featuring a Bluetooth remote control and GoPro compatibility. The gadget will also be popular with golf and fishing enthusiasts.

Selfskie by Selfskie €26, available for pre-order

Wearable airbags

Sensors in this vest, developed by a French start-up for use in competition, can detect a loss of balance and inflate an airbag in less than a tenth of a second. Worn under a jacket, it will make ski jumping much safer.

Spine VPD 2.0 Airbag Vest by POC and In&motion €1,280


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