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Versatile light

Designed by two Polish designers, this blown-glass lamp uses an LED to help small plants thrive.

Milo Baby by Lightovo €179 — €189

Watering by phone

This sensor is placed in the soil to measure sunlight, temperature, moisture and fertiliser levels. It can be paired with a solar-powered valve to control watering.

Edyn Garden Sensor and Water Valve by Edyn @EdynGarden

€94 and €65

Indoor compost

An algorithm was used to design this curvy composter so that worms would quickly decompose food waste, leaving no odours. A probe measures moisture, sunlight and pH.

Biovessel by Bionicraft €187, available for pre-order

Solar hydroponics

This hydroponic planter is equipped with a solar panel that powers the timer and the pump that provides water and nutrients to the plants.

Solar Hydro Planter by Modern Sprout @modsprout €205

Rotating planter

This planter slowly revolves, distributing light evenly on all sides, making herbs and greens grow stronger. You can set the duration of light exposure and amount of liquid fertiliser automatically.

OGarden by the Fondation du réseau de conscience et réalisation €1,005, available for pre-order

Weightless plant

Made in Sweden, this silicone pot floats and slowly rotates a few centimetres above its base, thanks to a magnetic suspension device.

Lyfe Planter by Flyte €199



Festival hacks, designed by engineering students.
House Architekter

It is time to replace centralised systems with local solutions. Here is the plan!
French International School, by Henning Larsen Architects

In future, scientific acoustics calculations will be included in the first rough sketches from the architects at Henning Larsen Architects.…