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Cool tech gadgets for the outdoors.

Inflatable tent

Designed by German camping lovers, this tent is waterproof, inflates with a pump and fits into a small bag. It can accommodate up to three people and needs only a few minutes to set up.

The Cave by Heimplanet €499 – 549


Power at all times

This thin, lightweight British-designed gadget has a USB port for charging your devices and a 9 Ah battery that can refuel a smartphone two or three times if there is no sun.

Powermonkey Extreme by Powertraveller €140

Natural snapshots

Designed in Sweden, this mini camera goes with you everywhere. It records or takes snapshots every 30 seconds, with a resolution of 8 megapixels. Connect it to your smartphone to view your images straightaway.

Narrative Clip by Narrative €184

Connected BBQ

It lets you cook whilst recharging your devices: electricity is generated from the barbecue’s heat and transmitted through a USB port. Using kindling as fuel, it is particularly efficient and produces no smoke.

Campstove2 and Portable Grill by BioLite €244 for the set

Zoom and film

These binoculars can zoom up to 20 times to take HD photos or videos in 2D or 3D.

Digital Recording Binoculars by Sony €1,870

Manual Expresso

This travel coffee machine, created by a French company, is pump-operated. Once it reaches a bar pressure of 16 bar, you just add hot water and coffee, and press the button.

Wild Hybrid by Handpresso €99


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