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Airbnb is not the only start-up that’s shaking up the tourism industry. An increasing number of online platforms make it easier than ever to plan a holiday.

Houseboat. Photo: Rahul Nair Switzerland, 2009 My house is your house With nearly 300,000 listings, this start-up founded by alumni of the Lausanne Hotel School is Airbnb’s fiercest European competitor. Users can reserve an apartment or an entire house online – not just a single room. Ireland, 2013 Friendliness first This platform lets users rent rooms in people’s homes, meeting their hosts and getting a feel for local lifestyle. The Irish start-up has raised €3 million; its service is available in 95 countries and more than 3,000 cities. Greece, 2012 AIRBNBOAT This start-up, which lets owners rent out their boats all around the globe, has raised $810,000 and lists 3,000 vessels. Spain, 2012 Low-cost lodging With this platform, users can trade houses. manages supply and demand by aggregating listings from such other sites as Airbnb. Italy, 2012 Personalise your trip A tour of New York City’s best pizza joints? A bike tour of Berlin? This start-up lets you reserve “experiences” in several cities. It has secured $5.6 million in financing.



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