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The ‘tech genius’ behind a new app called ‘Heaps’ – designed to make it easier to gather people for a party – is a first-year engineering student from Denmark.

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Seeing another party being held on the other side of the street, five friends and fellow students from Copenhagen Business School and the University of Copenhagen got the idea of combining the two parties.

But instead of going door-knocking across the street, they started talking about developing an app that could gather friends for a private party. The inspiration came from a Danish radio station’s New Year’s show aiming to match up people looking for either a party to attend, or guests to come to their own party.

The friends realised they needed an engineer, so they contacted their mate Kim Hemsø Rasmussen, who is in his first year of studying software engineering at Technical University of Denmark (DTU). He is now the designated ‘technology genius’, taking care of all the server work.

Not really a party animal

Photo of Kim Hemsø Rasmussen

Kim Hemsø Rasmussen, the ‘tech genius’ behind the ‘Heaps’ app.

“I’m not a real party animal, but it sounded like an interesting idea and it was very different from what I usually do,” says Rasmussen.

It took about six months to develop the Heaps app, which was launched at the end of August 2014. The number of users peaked at around 10,000 on New Year’s Eve, and the figure is currently stable at around 30,000. The next step is to launch the concept in Los Angeles.

How to find the party

The friends believe the app has become popular because it makes it easier to get in touch with people holding private parties; it’s cheaper to go to a party than to go bar-hopping in town – and you never know quite where you want to go.

What to do

Download Heaps from the AppStore, and log in via Facebook. You can then invite friends who want to hit the town or have a private party. If the dates match, Heaps opens a chat channel where you can get in touch with each other and agree on a date and time.

Source: article by Christina Tækker, DTU News 


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