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Inspired by the success of Nespresso, start-ups now offer other foods in capsule form.


10-vins10 vins

France, 2012

Wine by the glass


Users can taste fine wines with capsules containing the same amount as a glass. The machine ensures that each cru is served at the right temperature and decanted properly.


The 10 cl vial is inserted into the machine, which detects the RFID chip and prepares the drink. The company offers 24 different wines as well as seasonal specials.


€499 for the machine.
€2 to €16 per serving.



Switzerland, 2011

Tortillas in 10 seconds


Flatev has developed a machine that turns capsules into Mexican tortillas. The start-up is aimed primarily at the U.S. market.


The capsules contain tortilla dough and are opened when inserted into the machine. It takes Flatev only one minute to prepare and cook a tortilla.


$290 for the machine (not yet on the market).

$0.90 per tortilla.

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Switzerland, 2011

Gourmet dishes


The start-up created by former employees of food giant Nestlé has developed ChefCuisine, a machine used to prepare ready-made gourmet dishes. Thirty dishes created by Michelin-starred chef Anne-Sophie Pic are now available.


ChefCuisine heats each ingredient to the exact temperature using steam or hot water.


€199 for the machine.

€5 to €16 per dish.

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