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Every printed magazine presents a number of features, covering some of the most exciting new areas in technology-related research and innovation. The latest features include:



Extreme Scientists



High-tech farming



The olfactory sense is not just a luxury: researchers are learning why it’s essential.

Energy storage

Solving the storage problem – the key to sustainability in Europe.


Being happy is not just a matter of luck or personality. Researchers are now applying rigorous methods to understand what makes us cheerful or grumpy.


New weapons against resistant bacteria.


Researchers have invented new devices that extend human vision.

The makers

You no longer need to be an electronics wizard to build sophisticated devices. “Makers” are unleashing their creativity thanks to Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards.

Augmented human

The future is now: People can get new functions and capabilities with the help of external as well as internal hardware.

To frack or not to frack

Shale gas has already changed the geopolitics of energy – and helped the U.S. recovery. What will happen on the old continent.

Foods for the future

Microbes, in vitro meat, insects and artificial eggs: The foods of the future could feed 10 billion humans without exhausting natural resources, but they may unsettle our habits along with our appetites.