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Piano Media

Slovakia and US, 2010

The king of paywalls Piano Media specialises in setting up paywalls, or paid portals that several newspapers have installed to protect their content. Piano provides its expert services to media companies wishing to use a paywall system. @pianosystem


UK, 2014

Paid to share Sharewall subscribers are paid in virtual money when they share newspaper articles on social media. Readers can use the virtual currency to purchase new media content. Sharewall also analyses reader behaviour and suggests articles they may like. @SharewallHQ


UK, 2014

Find freelancers This UK platform connects media and publishing professionals with a community of editors, graphic designers and freelance marketing experts. Freelancers can be requested on an ad hoc basis depending on the needs of the publications. @ReedsyHQ


Netherlands, 2014

 The iTunes of news This Dutch start-up aggregates newspaper and magazine articles and sells them per article. It originally launched only in Germany and the Netherlands, but has recently expanded to the US. Each article costs $0.25. @Blendle


Poland, 2011

Application factory This Polish start-up offers content editors the ability to build an application for smartphones and tablets. It formats content as well as optimises the application’s visibility in app stores. It has already created more than 400 publications. @presspadapp


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