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Deekit is an online “whiteboard” that allows several people to work on the same document.

Kaili Kleemeier Deekit

Three questions for Kaili Kleemeier, CEO of Deekit, the Lithuanian company founded in 2012.

TECHNOLOGIST What motivated you to create Deekit?

KAILI KLEEMEIER Far too many workers have to travel one or two hours a day to get to the office. Working remotely could truly improve people’s quality of life and company productivity. But video and messaging are no longer enough. Deekit fills that gap by providing a space where you can write and sketch for your colleagues in real time.

TECHNOLOGIST What is your strategy to attract new users?

KAILI KLEEMEIER Word of mouth and personal relations are very important, but the secret is still to offer an exceptional product. We think it’s important to listen carefully to the comments of our initial users when improving our solution.

TECHNOLOGIST What is your secret weapon for making Deekit a success?

KAILI KLEEMEIER The quality of the Internet connection is a limiting factor when working remotely. We definitely want our application to be agile and function anywhere, at the airport or at the office, with an excellent Wi-Fi connection or a mediocre 3G network.

Interview by Clément Bürge