New tools for a home check-up

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Mira RehabMIRA Rehab
UK, 2012
Rehab with games
This mobile platform encourages patients to complete their rehabilitation exercises by presenting them in the form of games


Spain, 2012
Digital stethoscope
eKuore is a stethoscope that saves heartbeats and transmits them to a smartphone, presenting them in a simple visual format. The results can then be compared to previous auscultations.

Serbia, 2007
Detecting cancerous marks
This start-up has developed an app that enables monitoring and analysis of beauty and other marks on the skin to detect cancerous lesions


Germany, 2013
Dermatologist on a smartphoneThis start-up offers a mobile consultation service that allows people suffering from skin problems to access advice from a professional dermatologist through an app

Finland, 2017
Managing diabetes remotely
This start-up developed a monitor that measures the level of glucose in a patient’s blood from home. The data are then saved to the cloud and automatically transmitted to a doctor.

Teddy the guardianTeddy the Guardian
UK, 2013
The smart bear
This cuddly toy contains sensors that collect information about a child’s health, including heartbeat and temperature



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