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Alberto Onetti

After testing its business model, a start-up has to begin producing regular income. This is a tricky step, and few…

Radiation-eating bacteria could make underground storage of nuclear waste safer.

Entrepreneurs and technical universities have different expectations for a European Innovation Council. Read two experts' thoughts on it:
Alex Dings

Dutch start-up Bitsensor tries to help applications protect themselves better from cyberattacks.

Determined to understand what internet users are thinking, German entrepreneur Christian Henschel now manages one of Europe’s leading platforms in…
Alon Arvatz.

With its 2,000 new high-tech companies, Israel has become the Silicon Valley of the Middle East. Our reporter in Tel…

Inspired by the wing of a butterfly, Danish scientists are developing a technology to mass-produce structural colours. 
Mario Saraceni

The playing field is not level, say the advocates of plurilingualism.

Solving the world’s plastic problem with waxworms.