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Primate paralysis

A wireless brain-spine interface allows monkeys to walk again. 
Businessman with a Dog Head

Apps and treats for man's best friends!
Gas to plastic

Finnish scientists learn to convert methane into animal feed or biodegradable polyester.
Stéphane Treppoz Sarenza

As CEO of Sarenza since 2007, Stéphane Treppoz has turned the online seller into a key style site in 28…
Marcus Ruessel_CEO gigmit

Berlin-based start-up Gigmit connects musicians and concert organisers through an online platform, hoping to revolutionise the market.

An Austrian start-up helps machines understand human language.  
The power of dams

Hydro is the top source of renewable electricity in Europe, but environmentalists are concerned about the proliferation of new projects. 

Move over, graphene. Tree-derived nanocellulose might just be the next wonder material.

The ability to modify sequences of DNA with pinpoint precision promises new drugs, healthier livestock and better crops. But gene…