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Food delivery start-ups

Food delivery start-ups are popping up all over. A fierce battle is on in a winner-takes-all industry.
Challenging innovation

A study has questioned the benefits of robotic keyhole surgery for prostate cancer, so why are some experts still championing…

Danish researchers are developing micro-robots that can treat cells. 
Digital world

The network’s founders stressed its openness and decentralisation, but many of its services are now in the hands of a…

Stephan Widmer and Marc Simoncini have shown they can start businesses successfully. Now they're after each other -- and ultimately…
David Helgason Founder EVP

Denmark’s Unity Technologies has revolutionised the video-game industry. Its founder, David Helgason, describes how it happened.
Frederik Brantner Farbe

German start-up improves warehouse automation. 

Izanami Martínez is implementing a new, more efficient way to see the doctor – but several hurdles still remain, including…