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Caroline Hummels Tue

Growing discomfort with societal changes requires a shift in mindsets.

Translating digital content into Braille.
Aqueduc Paris

French researchers have found that underground geological formations can act as historical archives for heavy-metal pollution.
Kaili Kleemeier Deekit

Deekit is an online “whiteboard” that allows several people to work on the same document.
planet cosmos

The discovery of the first planet outside our solar system 20 years ago was a breakthrough in astronomy. today, nearly…
Michel Mayor

"It's human curiosity – the need to position human life within the rest of the universe."
María Benjumea

"Investors from Northern Europe use Spain as a bridge to reach Latin America".
SergioAlvarez CartoDB

Despite high unemployment and a reputation for risk-aversion, Western Europe’s fifth largest economy has become a technological leader in fields…
Craig Mills Vizzuality

Before there was CartoDB, there was Vizzuality.