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Yumi - ABB

It may be a while before robots take over the world, but they are growing smarter as they help and…

What if your computer could heat your house?
Houseboat. Photo: Rahul Nair

Airbnb is not the only start-up that’s shaking up the tourism industry. An increasing number of online platforms make it…

Thanks to major European initiatives, scientific publishers are feeling the pressure to crack down on plagiarism.
Chris Sheldrick co-founder of What3words, based in London.

Four billion people have no address, leaving them unable to receive mail, visitors or help. The London-based initiative what3words wants…
VORTEX bladeless Spain

The idea sounds preposterous, but Spanish start-up Vortex Bladeless is convinced that it can win over the sceptics.
Fire salamander. Illustration: Eunike Nugroho

The presence of a single species – Homo sapiens – is having a dramatic impact, allowing some to thrive and…
ROTTERDAM - Portrait of virologist Ab Osterhaus. Photo: Robin Utrecht

Why does the common illness keep outsmarting scientists?