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AeroMobil 3 airplane configuration from above Juraj Vaculik

Part car, part plane, Aeromobil needs just a 200 meters straightaway to deploy its wings and take off. Looking like…
Daria Tataj

With 20 percent GDP growth over the past five years, Poland has become an important player in the European economy.…
George Church

The woolly mammoth has come one step closer to resurrection.
Victor Henning, CEO and co-founder

Victor Henning and two business-school pals describe how they’ve accidentally made science fun.
Carbon footprint

Should you drive an electric car? Eat an apple that travelled halfway around the world? The answer will depend on…
Peter Vesborg

Wind and solar power are helpful, but you can’t run cars and planes on them.
Lise Fuglsang

Can you clean up litter and house people with one idea? YES, says an innovative Danish student.
Money transfer start-up

While traditional banks receive commissions that reach up to 9 percent, four British start-ups are using new technology to undercut…
Bookserf, Erbil Sivaslioglu and Kerem Gunes

Everyone has heard of Uber and AirBnB, but they are not the only game in town. Some platforms are purely…
pedagogic app start-up

Our forebears learned to count using the abacus. Our children are learning with digital tools developed by edtech start-ups.