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The olfactory sense is not just a luxury: researchers are learning why it's essential

Canines still take the lead when it comes to sniffing out smells. But the latest research shows that machines are…
Photo of rows of antique books on shelves

Hundreds of volatile compounds give new and old books their distinctive and bewitching smells.
Photo of Jean-Claude Ellena, creator of Hermès perfumes, sniffing samples of perfumes

The exclusive creator of Hermès perfumes, Jean-Claude Ellena revisits four decades of a brilliant career, revealing a glimpse of his…
An illustration depicting various elements of smell, including a human face and a dog face with prominent noses, smoke from a car and a cigarette, and cloud-like shapes in different colours depicting scents.

Everyone knows that animals use odours to communicate. Now a growing body of research suggests that humans do, too.