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Energy storage

Solving the storage problem – the key to sustainability in Europe.
Diagram depicting a setup for storing solar energy in a tank of molten salts.

Solar energy won’t fulfil its potential until the storage problem is solved. Here’s how.
Infographic illustrating seven innovative ways to retain excess electricity: pumped hydro, batteries, compressed air, thermal, flywheel, hydrogen, and advanced electromagnetic

Seven innovative ways to retain excess electricity — from mature to experimental technologies.
Illustration of an electric battery symbol with plus and minus signs. Symbol in white on black background

Developing wind and solar won’t be enough to wean Europe off fossil fuels. To guarantee an uninterrupted flow of electricity,…
Infographic illustrating how European countries are generating their electricity, using for instance fossil fuels, hydro and geothermal energy, wind, solar or nuclear energy. Facts and figures include production in terawatt-hours and percentages of renewable energy

It’s doable, but it will require massive investments in wind, solar, CO2 capture and power grids.
The front page of Technologist magazine issue 4. Main illustration: drawing of a human face with prominent nose, and various cloud-like shapes in different colours depicting scents

For more than 40 years – ever since the Great Oil Crisis of 1973 – scientists, governments and media have…