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Diagram depicting online dating

Since its online debut in 2012, Tinder has dominated the world of online dating. But the competition is hot on…
Portrait photo of Marie-Paule Kieny

The world is not adequately prepared for epidemics like Ebola, says health expert Marie-Paule Kieny.
Photo of Gregor Wolbring, sitting in a wheelchair.

The subject of a special report in Technologist (July 2014), human augmentation elicits reactions that are not unanimously positive.
Portrait photo of David Becker

David Becker, the co-founder of Swiss-based Zkipster, explains how his firm became a micro multinational with eight employees on three…
Portrait photo of Steve Fuller

What the 19th-century thinker did not anticipate.
Portrait photo of Marten Blankesteijn

Marten Blankesteijn, co-founder of Blendle, the new Dutch start-up whose app is already being referred to as the iTunes of…
Photo of James Roberts demonstrating his MOM prototype to James Dyson

An inexpensive incubator that’s easy to use, ultra-mobile and adapted to disaster zones: James Roberts’ clever invention won the 2014…
Portrait photo of Emmanuelle Charpentier in an office

Prize-winning French biologist Emmanuelle Charpentier explains her revolutionary discovery.
Stylised illustration of cityscape with tall buildings, parks, people, pets and birds – all featuring some detail related to DNA, e.g. DNA double-helix or DNA code.

Thousands of labs and hospitals are eagerly awaiting the portable sequencers that will make bedside genetic analysis a reality. Start-ups…
Infographic illustrating body parts that can be created artificially, including legs, vagina, pancreas, kidneys, lungs, trachea, larynx, eyes, liver, heart, hands and ears

Hearts, livers, even eyes: bionic man can now be created in the lab.