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Being happy is not just a matter of luck or personality. Researchers are now applying rigorous methods to understand what makes us cheerful or grumpy.
Illustration of different body organs connected to the brain via the vagus nerve

The vagus nerve, which connects the brain to various organs, plays an essential role in the mind-body relationship. Can you…
'The face reader' and 'The body map': two 'games' exploring emotional intelligence

How good is your emotional intelligence? Play our game to find out.
Photo of Ruut Veenhoven with blurry cityscape in the background.

Happiness can be understood objectively, says pioneer researcher Ruut Veenhoven.
Infographic showing and explaining data from the World Happiness Report

Joy goes hand in hand with development, according to the largest world survey, with significant differences among regions.
A smiley with coloured bars along the smile representing various happiness factors (wealth, health, generosity, social support, life choice, honesty) .

The question long seemed too subjective to elicit serious answers, but scientists now have plenty of clues that range from…
Photo of a woman receiving a mild electric shock from a Taser weapon. She looks as if she is laughing.

New technologies and citizen science offer innovative ways to track and quantify emotions. They are uncovering new ingredients in the…