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Pixelated portrait image of Jakob Nielsen, with each pixel replaced by a letter, digit or symbol

The worst design sins to avoid, according to usability guru Jakob Nielsen.
Portrait photo of Tereza Tykvova

It’s a good way to raise money, but it can also hinder a company’s development, explains Tereza Tykvova.
Portrait photo of Martin Stiksel in London

Martin Stiksel, founder of Last.fm, is back with an even more ambitious project: to organise the entire web according to…
Photo of Marc Bodmer

Video games can help teach information technology. But only if the teachers know what they’re doing.
Photo of Noëmie Mermet and Marie-Charlotte Morin

Believe it or not, three or more years of biochemistry research can be described in just three minutes. To prove…

How science fiction can inform a generally staid profession about the legal issues of the future.
Photo of Boyan Slat behind a large pile of plastic waste extracted from oceans

Activism in action: a 20-year old takes on the mass of floating plastic garbage.
Infographic illustrating how various industries in different countries are generating value from the oceans. Facts and figures from industries including transport, oil & gas, tourism, fishing, wind farms, aquaculture and marine mining.

The seas are the new frontier. Established industries like fishing and tourism have to share the oceans with newcomers like…
Illustration of different body organs connected to the brain via the vagus nerve

The vagus nerve, which connects the brain to various organs, plays an essential role in the mind-body relationship. Can you…
Vapour from a cigarette

They definitely help people stop smoking, but they may be just another ticking time bomb. Are they a positive solution…