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Researchers have invented new devices that extend human vision.
Synapse with 60 types of proteins

A stunning 3D reconstruction unveils the molecular machinery of a neuronal connection.
Green lacewing larva

Researchers are constantly inventing new techniques to push the limits of light microscopy. Here are four spectacular examples.
Image of a cell skeleton

Super-resolution techniques have pushed back the limits of optics, becoming an essential tool in the life sciences.
Infographic detailing the basis for hyperspectral imaging and how the 'vision' of a hyperspectral camera compares to that of the human eye.

By revealing colour gradations, hyperspectral imaging can detect everything from gas leaks to melanoma.
Chemical cameras find uses from agriculture to cancer diagnostics

Chemical cameras reveal a world that is invisible to the human eye. Smaller and cheaper devices are now finding uses…
Lake Geneva photographed by a hyperspectral camera

Hyperspectral cameras unveil unseen colours and double up as chemical detectors that can be used in countless applications.